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Rondo Hatten, Universal's "monster without a mask".
The castle used in filming the 1929 film Nosferatu.
Bram Stoker's inspiration for Dracula
Hanging in 2018
September 22 - January 19 Most of my material is currently adorning the walls of the Bing Arts Center in Springfield, MA., closing on January 19, 2019. I had a table at Bing ComicCon held at Trinity Church’s Asbury Hall selling prints and original works.
Horror Hound: A Nose for Sniffing Out the Spooky
Traveling the world to dig up spots that inspired our spookiest tales is a really entertaining pursuit, but it can present challenges. Some sites - like the ancestral home of the Frankenstein's and Dr. Jekyll's workshop - are easily found with little more than a map. Others are less obvious. In case you are motivated to sniff out these inspiring sites, the following articles may come in handy...
The Tale of Becoming a Castle Hunter
From my first inspiration during a mysterious Transylvanian ruin I saw in 2008 to vacations designed to seek out crumbled strongholds, my castle hunting has been one Gothic adventure after another. Here's how it all happened...
A day by day journal that I recorded of my awesome vamped up trip to Transylvania in the summer of 2008.
STONES is a collection of pencil renderings and watercolors by artist Steve Gale focusing on Gothic structures of stone. Primarily depicting castle ruins, this body of work also includes other subject matter, all relevant to this medieval construction material.
Inspired by photographic explorations captured during many trips to Europe, this body of work has expanded in multiple directions. Strange Tales in Stone depicts the stone facades of structures that contributed to classic Universal horror. The connection of Count Dracula to Vlad Tepes (Romanian for "the Impaler"), son of Vlad Dracul is fairly well known, but many other horror characters are similarly linked. Doctor Jekyll was inspired by the duplicitous life of William Brody. Victor Frankenstein may also have had a real life model as well as the ancestral fortress of the same name. Other structures such as the Paris Opera House and Cathedral de Notre Dame served as settings for classic Universal melodrama with speculations that actual people served as character models.
An effort is underway to develop a subset called American Stone. But until that is ready for presentation I hope you'll join me in exploration of the great ruins of Europe both - historical and macabre.

Castle Ruins Exhibit